Words of the Wise

"Whenever you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected."
— Mahatma Ghandi


MichiMagic Colon Hydrotherapy and Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Michi Nadler

Certified Colon Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner
Chintamani Therapeutics, LLC

Michi Nadler, Certified Colon Therapist and Ayurvedic PractitionerMichi’s life journey has taken her through a broad array of experiences and lessons, both personally and professional. She believes that she was born with a natural interest and passion for intestinal health and detoxification, as well as her sense of spirituality. However, it wasn’t until she was about 20 years old that she began to recognize the significance of these gifts and how they would affect her life.

From the start, she was plagued with congenital adrenal issues which caused her to have a very low energy level. She remembers that even at the young age of 4 or 5 she would feel so exhausted that she could not get up in the morning. As a quiet and introverted child, she spent most of her time in the library. She developed a deep interest in reading and though she was only in elementary school, she would read classic novels such as the Odyssey and even the Bible. She admits that at the time she did not understand everything that she was reading yet it still somehow all made sense to her.

Originally from the Republic of South Korea, she immigrated to the United States after finishing high school and enlisted in the US Air Force. While serving, she obtained her US citizenship and expanded her horizons as an electronics technician and by doing a wide range of traveling. Later, just to make a living, she became a successful realtor and financial consultant in California. After spending 18 years in overdrive, she became totally burned out and moved to Sedona, Arizona. This was the beginning of her spiritual journey. Spontaneous awakening experiences came and took their own course. These spiritual experiences led her to visit India where she spent two years on a pilgrimage. During that time, she met Papaji of Lucknow and many other Saints. After returning to America, she had the privilege of spending time with Sri Robert Adams and Sant Thakar Singh.

When she was in India, she discovered the ancient healing art of Ayurveda. Having been in excruciating pain for a month, she went to an Ayurvedic physician who told her that she had a dosha imbalance. He placed a tiny pill about the size of a mustard seed in her mouth and within moments, her pain began to subside. It was then that she knew she needed to learn more about this amazing art of healing and to share the knowledge with others.

Michi has incorporated her Ayurvedic knowledge into her colon hydrotherapy treatments. This allows her colonics to not only help in detoxifying and cleansing the colon, but to also help restore balance and vitality.

The knowledge and wisdom she has gained from her own health and spiritual experiences adds to the depth and effectiveness of the services she provides. In addition, Michi possesses a natural intuitiveness that allows her to go beyond her training when helping people to achieve their own health goals.

There is no debating that what you will receive from Michi is nothing short of her truth. Her straight-forward approach means that she stands behind her beliefs and isn’t afraid to “tell it like it is”, even if that means that she is unable to help you.

In this world we share, it is sometimes hard to know just what to do or who to trust when it comes to our health – not just our physical but our spiritual health as well. Michi’s desire and commitment to effect positive change in people lives is sincere. Of herself, she does not like to boast or brag. But if you would like to learn more about how her services have benefited others, we encourage you to read the testimonials listed throughout the website.