MichiMagic Colon Hydrotherapy and Ayurvedic Rejuvenation


We carry products for detoxification and rejuvenation exclusively, but do not have an on-line shopping center. After our initial phone consultation, if you are interested in purchasing any products, we will ship them to you based on your needs. If you are simply interested in buying any of the following products, please call us; send an email, or a fax.

We represent the following companies:

Ejuva: This is an intestinal cleansing and rejuvenation kit for a month long cleanse, including a cleanse guide, essential oils and Probiotics. Ejuva is effective yet very gentle. I usually recommend this product for clients 40 years of age or older, or for those who have done harsh cleansings before, or for those with a very Vata type of body. Our retail price is $295.00
Also, please inquire about their parasite and candida cleanse.

Arise and Shine: This product includes intestinal cleansing ingredient and various supplements. We have a whole line of Arise and Shine herbal products. I usually mix some of the Arise and Shine products with other products, depending on the client’s body type. If you are a high Vata type, you should be careful with bentonite clay. Depending on your health picture, I also add some of the supplements from Metagenics Medical Food or Vital Nutrients. Prices will vary depending on your product needs. A basic cleansing program with Arise and Shine for a month will start at about $200.00. If you add other supplements, or Medical Food, it will increase the total cost.

Vital Nutrients: These are intestinal rejuvenating products, such as “G.I.Repair”, “Arabinogalactan”, or “Ultra Pure Fish Oil.”

Ayurvedic Herbs & Oils: Basic Ayurvedic herbs come in tablets, loose herbs for Basti & dosha-balancing herbal oils. Sometimes, we recommend Ayurvedic herbs for internal purgation.

Garden of Life: We have access and use all of their products i.e., Perfect Food, Primal Defense, Etc...

Metagenics: We use a complete line of all of their Medical Food and Gastro Intestinal Repair Products. This may also include Probiotics and Fish Oils.

Xymogen: We have access to the complete line of their products. We generally keep their Detoxification and Gastro Intestinal products in our office and ready at all times.

Products we focus on are:

  • Various Intestinal Cleansing Products
  • Various Intestinal Rejuvenating Products
  • G.I. Repairing products
  • Ultra Pure Concentrated Fish Oils
  • Daily Essentials for Men and Women
  • Various Probiotics
  • Enema bucket
  • Various Basti herbal Aids

Please call, email, or Fax today for a consultation regarding intestinal cleansing, rejuvenation programs, colon therapy, or Ayurvedic treatments.